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LG Marquee Review

I needed a new cell phone, so I searched and compared, Sprint and Verizon. recently purchased the Marquee by Sprint, it premiered at fashion week, was released about 2 1/2 months ago. it's very sleek and thin, shiny, and has stripe slate design on the back, it's an android, 3G, Wi-fi. bright screen, double camera w/flash on back and light option on video.

Ok let's see now, battery life' where do I begin, like most androids it's ok, but charging can be suck, so it has to be on charger for hours to get any decent charge very frustrating. But a secret if you charge it while on yellow  before red, it will charge better, once on red turn it off for a half hour. I ordered this based on the reviews from Amazon LG Marquee  and Cnet LG Marquee review . This is a very nice phone, great camera. front and back crisp clear photos, camcorder. If it freezes up remove the sd card, or format it. However you can't take pictures and your ringtone will be removed when yo…

Fredericks of Hollywood sale

Fredericks Of Hollywood had a an amazing weekend sale, I love Fredericks they have sexy Lingerie and gorgeous attention getting dresses. No matter what you're looking for you can find it at Fredericks. They sell everything from shapewear, which you really don't need being that most of their items are for fitting and really makes your shape stand out in a good way. This weekend fredericks had an wonderful 50% off of all Clearance as well as well as free shipping on $25 or more.,default,sc.html . So I just brought this dress I've been wanting for $17 and some change a pair of shoes for $9.99 and fabulous skirt for 7.49. just amazing sale guys, they also have some sexy lingerie and corsets on sell. Here's a link to my dress below. Fredericks often have this 50% clearance sale at least every other month, next time I get an email, I'll let you guys know in advance.

Waves of Sparkle Sequin Dress