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New year, New You 2013 & Update/Upgrade

Its a new year, a time that brings about renewal, and a change. It's time for New Beginnings. I started a 21 day consecration. During which I've limited all Social Networking to once/twice a week. Please be patient with me. I will update as often as possible. I'm glad that I'm doing this because, a ton of doors have opened, and a larger scale of opportunities. In my field such as Event Planning/Coordinating with, radio, and a magazines. If you would like a copy of the fast I'm doing or tips, I will do a post. Just leave a comment below.
 Mental & Spiritual:
  I'd like to challenge you to take a stand and challenge yourself to a new mental, physical, and spiritual way of living. Get rid of the things that bind you,break those habits, that hold you back.. It's time for renewal of mind body and soul. here are some great books that have helped me. These books range from both Christian and Spiritual. The Purpose Driven Life, One Day my Soul just opened up and more by Iyanla Vanzant! you can purchase those two below by clicking on the photo. Two more, the first is great to be used with a 40 ay fast calledd 40 days to a G.O.L.D (God ordained Life disciple) by Mr. Les Brown and then I like Reposition yourself by Bishop T.D Jakes! These are all great if you're Spiritual but, not religious Iyanla Vanzant is the best .

 Physical Makeover:
Lose weight, inches, cleanse your body of all the toxins, and  waste.

 I wonder if this works, I've tried the homemade organic lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne from the Health whole food store, and it did work, it's a great temporary fix, but if you want long term results read the paragraph below.

Body wraps are all the rave, I prefer a wrap that's no commitment and offers a complete all natural organic body wrap & detox kits & customized plan according each individual customers needs.

My partners and I are launching our own we;ve done the research and sought out the best ingredients. We'll be posting video and before and after photo's soon. If you're local you may, join us at a wrap party, schedule a session at my spa space on the Eastside of Columbus, Oh or my partners salon on the Northside. We have Portable Sauna Systems and will offer mobile service free of charge! (depending on your package). 

Look Good Feel Good!!!

After you lose that weight and tighten up that body; you want to drape it in garments that make you look and feel like a million bucks w/o the price.

If you guys like the clothing and outfits I post from weekender; stay tuned. I just got my retail license and will be launching an online boutique, and our tees. If you are local, you can come to me, or I'll come to you. Clothing will be available on Ebay, Craigslist, or locally prior to Boutique Launch. I will post links and update soon but heres a sneak peak!  

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Officially Welcome Blue Ivy Carter...

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