Friday, January 12, 2018

New Year New Look?

Get your weekend look idea right here!

Most of my readers do not know I originally went to college with a major in music and a minor in Fashion Merchandise. I later changed to Fashion design Due to life circumstances. As a young single mother and with my own mother in a nursing home, life became hard. My two sisters and I had to split cost for her expenses and clothing. I inherited my fashion and style trait from my parents AKA... my "New York style". These styles were inspired by 

Look #1:

my inner Bougie-ness(yes,I makeup words)I inspired this look. The duster is my go to grown and sexy look. You can wear Dusters all 4 seasons in different fabrics. Now of course you will have to swap a few pieces, accordingly. 

Untitled #71

Michelle Mason white top

River Island white coat

High waisted pants
$59 -

Heart jewelry

Tory Burch mirror sunglasses

LOOK #2:

This look inspired by the middle school to college me. But even in my 30's I still want to be comfortable and the look to me says, comfortable, yet still fly.

Comfy Fall  Weekender

Être Cécile grey sweatshirt
$145 -
Timberland work boots
$225 -
Missoni red hat
$86 -

LOOK #2:

 This look inspired by the Party gal in me. The look says party, sexy, fun,... . There's nothing wrong with throwing a little raunchy in your club look ,every now and then.

Weekend Girl...

Tell us which look you like, and why or why not below? Tell me about anything you'd like to see on video or read on the blog. my Youtube at beautinsuccess... Updating!

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