Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Polyvore Gone Never to return again... Here are some alternatives!

Hello everyone,
It's ya girl Mila Najah I am on a rant.
I lost all my blog photos and creations. My favorite fashion platform Polyvore has been changed to a company called Ssense. Polyvore is where I make all my lookbooks and most of my post. I don't know who they are or what they do. I am extremely unhappy with their decision even more so the way it was done.

Let me tell you!

Well, I started my daily routine and it was time for content for this blog. So, I went to create some Spring and summer. Polyvore is an app used by millions of fashion enthusiast, bloggers, designers, stylist and content creators. At first, I tried opening the Polyvore app a few times, I'm thinking 'hmm maybe it's down for maintenance. I tried the next day and I kept getting something that says SSense, then I went to the google search app and searched 'what happened to Polyvore?...same thing. Next, I search what happened to Polyvore and there it was "Polyvore users protest" apparently Polyvore has been purchased by the Montreal-based company Ssense. I'm not sure what they really do, because their website isn't very user-friendly. Polyvore There are millions of Polyvore users this was not cool at all

I love creating sets, for fun and for work. It’s how I express myself and put together looks I would wear or just fun themed looks. I even have a Polyvore Pinterest page. I think I deleted it once I knew what happened. Polyvore users were very talented artist who inspired one another as well as their own audiences and fans. I can't believe you Polyvore

So anyways,

I'll stop ranting now... so that's my problem, thankfully I'm a problem-solver and I found solutions. Here's what I found in my research. 


for now anyways , I found a few sites and have already registered with two that allowed me to upload my polyvore sets that I was able to download from the polyvore site. I'm going to have to re-add the photos to each blogpost one by one.

These apps are similar to Polyvore but not quite there yet, these were not created to replace Polyvore. being as Polyvore was 10 years old and these are startups with a year or less so they are not as advanced.

here are a few options: 

I found a few, many of which seem to be brand new or in Japenese. I'm still testing all of these and will update. 

Pro's easy to use, polyvore upload, app available
 Cons: quality not the same or as good as Polyvore, There aren't many stores in their search, but there are some really cute finds.

trendme:  Brand new app still coming, 5 languages

 My fave and the most interesting one is ShopLook (click to check them out). No app yet!  I have a lot of faith that they canill the polyvore  void.They're willing to add as many similar Polyvore features as possible. we love and miss and to make it most like our Polyvore home as possible. I hope they bring as many features while keeping their own identity.

An interesting thing they offer is that you get paid for creating outfits. A dream come true! the founder’s idea was to provide a platform where we can earn commisions for creating sets. After all it is our time, skill, and creativity that goes into these sets.

 Update I retreived my sets and I'm uploading to my old post what I have and what ever I don't I'll recreate with updated products.

If you have tried any of these or have any other apps or tips, please share... thanks! 

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