Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

          Just say no to Clown Face!!!

Ladies, Do you look like you're auditioning for the role a Lil Kim look-a-like? I love playing dress up and getting made up, I love the hair, nails, and makeup. What Glam Goddess doesn't? 

But come on ladies extra long weave, claws, face painted, fake boobs, fake butt every day all the time as well... just FAKE! You have to find a medium, too much makeup daily, will ruin your skin and you'll look old. 
$45 at beautyencounter.com

I alternate between my makeup routines. My daily look is a fresh moisturized, eyeliner, and gloss may fill in my brows. But when I'm going somewhere a good daytime. MAC is heavy it breaks me out, but I love that one step application and it has just enough coverage. An alternative that is lighter and actually cheaper would be Maybelline Mousse gives a Matte look, I wouldn't use this if I had dry skin. My fave liquid Foundations are Chanel Lumiere and the drugstore alternative Revlon Colorstay.

Now an in-betweener and great alternative to Foundation is tinted moisturizer, I know it can be hard to find the right shade, so you can DIY and customize your own.

$20.35 on beautyencounter.com

An excellent budget friendly foundation to use is Revlon ColorStay. However, my favorite foundation to use is Chanel Lumiere Long-wear foundation. I love it, it gives a flawless complexion and comes in all shades. Mix with your favorite moisturizer. My fave aka one of the best moisturizers, 
'Clinique Dramatically Different, Mary Kay Timewise is also great!


Add 1-2 squirts of foundation to 2-3 squirts of moisturizer use a flat top brush or sponge to blend on face.

All products available 
Chanel is usually $55-58 at Macy's, Revlon
Colorstay is $7.00
Clinique Dramatically Different is $10-$15 cheaper on this site beautyencounter.com

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