Friday, February 8, 2013

Trends We Love!!!

Some trends die hard... These top trends are hot and aren't going anywhere... anytime soon!

I'm not big trend follower, but some trends, are just pure fashion and I'm a Fashion Lover. If you aren't on the band wagon for these trendy favorites, than you must live in the 'Land of the Lost" or on another planet. Some of these trends are here to stay.

1. Ombre- Everything from clothing, to hair and nails. This bi and tri-color look is all that, this is number 1 in my book. A hit started in 2012 and is continuing in 2013.  

2. Sheer- My second favorite is Sheer Tops look amazing paired with jeans, leggings, and skirts, throw a blazer over it; or stand out and wear it plain.

3. Arm candy- A mix of bracelets with sort of a theme, a watch, leather cuffs, chains, spikes, & bangles Fab-u-lous!!!

4. Skinny Jeans & Leggings- These make legs great, and bootys look even better. You can't go wrong with a pair of these.

5. Wedge Shoes- Heels, Sneakers and Ankle Boots. I'm not sure if this clunky trend will stay, but it's definitely on top.

6. Skulls- I absolutely despise this trend, though it does add an edge to some pieces.

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