Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hate crime leaves 50 dead in shooting at Gay Night Club Pulse in Orlando!!!

 photo courtesy of AOL

This is not the best way to start Gay Pride month! I woke up to disturbing news reports, and I'm extremely saddened by the act of violence taken place. There was a deadly shooting in the wee morning hours at a gay night club "Pulse" in Orlando. It has since been confirmed 53 injured shot and 50 dead.

News reporters are calling  this an act of terrorism most likely due to the shooters name being Islamic. Reports by the Huffington post  "The shooter was identified as Omar S. Mateen, a man that a senior FBI official said might have had leanings towards Islamic State militants. Officials cautioned that the Islamist tie required further investigation." 

photo courtesy TMZ via Facebook

However, TMZ reported "Mateen's father told NBC News, "This has nothing to do with religion."  He says his son became angry after seeing 2 men kissing a few months ago in Miami, and he speculates that could have triggered his decision to kill." as I suspected. I am in no way taking up for this Murderer, However, I hate when the media tries scare tactics trying to relate everything a person with a Islam name to terrorism; when this was clearly a Hate crime.

photo courtesy AOL

This tragedy hits close to home for me. I have a couple of gay cousins and 1 of them travels a lot and has attended Pulse. This is scary for any group of people. I am asking that the LGBT community stays safe while celebrating Gay Pride month. My condolences to the families of the dead.

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