Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mona Scott Young & Yandy Smith Give Back!

I had the pleasure of attending Everything Girls Love Workshop. Everything Girls love is founded and owned by Love and Hip Hop's Yandy Smith Harris who is also co-producer of the LHH Franchise with Mona Scott Young.
This weekend was empowering, encouraging and enlightening. I met a ton of amazing women both established and upcoming. Friday was an introduction to most of the panelist. This workshop was Passion + Purpose= Profits the panelist were Tiara Williams, Monique Rodriguez owner of Mielle Organics, Tamika Mallory, Lucinda Cross, Tashera Simmons, Bershan Shaw and Precious Avorkliyah-Evans. 
I noticed that most of the panelist hardships similar to my own. Most of these successful, determined, women came from homes that were destroyed by drug use. I never tell my story because my family is so "private" but, my story is my story and you can't sugar coat the ugly truth.

The life stories from most of the day 2 panelist were similar or just as crazy. I used to feel like my life negatives were holding me back and that I would be further if my parents were supportive, or had not been on drugs.  Recently, I've been feeling that I am who I am because of it. I've persevered because of it. I've had an entrepreneurial way of thinking since the age of 7, from Lemonade Stands to newspaper routes and babysitting. I can and will become who God created me to be and build a multimillion dollar ideas will come to fruition just as I have built my brand from the ground up. What I took from this weekend is these people have built million dollar companies and growing with the same background as I or just as bad, 'if they did it' I can do it and I will.

Mona Scott Young and Yandy Smith Harris

Day 2
Branding 101 Speakers included: Shante Bacon, Latoya Shambo, Danella Dunham, Courtney Adeleye owner of the Mane Choice, Mahisa Dellinger and Yandy.  1 of the speakers stated"you have to know what your consumer and wants likes" etc. when creating your brand. Shante Bacon said "the work creates the brand.

Boss Moves
Monique Rodriquez, Katrina Walker, LaToya Shambo,Tamika Mallory, Lynda Otibu, Yannize Joshua
The final chapter of my weekend! So many great things were said here. Visit the Everything Girls Love site to get the a full recap.

Entertainment 101 was the final chapter. This panel had some of the top people responsible for shaping the entertainment industry. This panel included Fashion Designer Laurel Dewitt, Tekoa Hash founding partner of the Teknique Agency. Rae Holliday Blogger of 'Stuff Fly People Like and BET host/ talent.Arian Simone Founder of Fearless Magazine and the Fun Fly Fabulous box which I received from Arian and will review soon.

I walked away making connections with established successful people in my industry. I love Yandy, Mona and all these women this was a sisterhood of everybody wanting to see everybody make it. I've been saying this all year and making moves to Level up and Boss Up, this weekend confirmed that. 2017 Get Ready for Mila Najah and the Beautiful Success Brands.

Mona Scott Young is extremely passionate about feeding the hungry and sits on the board at The GrassRoots Foundation. Mona and Yandy are competing against each other to see who can feed the most families it's just $25. You may donate with paypal. Find out more here at The Grass Roots Foundation. Let them know if you're #teammona or #teamyandy!

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