Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Winter make up WOC

This look created with ipsy January bag!
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People ask me all the time “is if he worth it “ My answer is always yes!  See you three go on my skin looks so great they send me  moisturizing in skin tightening mask.   They help prep my skin for the quality make up products that Ipsy sends.

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What’s in the bag?

Real chemistry- Fresh start foaming cleanser
Leaves skin soft and clean with no residue or tight-dry soap feeling, 

Lue Skin-Balance Hydrating and calming Serum this serum is thin and very water based and certainly hydrating.

NYX- Lip-lingerie in the shade ‘Beautymark’ this is a nude brown matte shade that goes on feeling creamy and moist,  then dries to a matte finish. This color could look right with the right make up but for my skin tone it kind of blended in which is why I change the shade to a wine berry color on my photos on Instagram.

dirty little secret cosmetics- eyeshadow on the shade ‘Sangria’This is the perfect shape for our skin women and I believe it would look beautiful on any skin tone. I’ve been looking for this shade all winter is the perfect fall winter make up shade. The consistency is pigmented and long-lasting .

City Color cosmetics- Contour Palette this is not bad... the highlighter shows up on me.  I prefer champagne or rose gold Highlighter on me I believe his highlighter would look great on lighter skin tones. 

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